How to fix Windows 8 when it thinks it’s a Windows To Go machine (Step-by-Step)

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When you thought that you have just successfully upgraded to Windows 8, you check the System properties and notice that it says: “Windows To Go machine” instead of the version of the operating system. And that’s not all, when you remove a USB drive, your PC crashes.

Now to the obvious question: Why is that? Surprisingly, this happens because Windows 8 thinks that the unique USB drive ID is the same as the internal hard drive ID in your PC. — If you ask me, I think this is a big flaw in the OS that users should never have to go through, but thankfully has an easy fix.

For those people who aren’t familiar, Windows To Go is a feature in the Enterprise version of Microsoft’s operating system that allows to install and run a full version of Windows 8 from a USB drive. The feature brings some additional flexibility for businesses to take the company’s environment anywhere. For example, when employees need work remotely or from a shared computer, or even to avoid spending hours configuring a new PC for a contractor that has to work temporarily in a different location.

If you find yourself in this situation where Windows 8 thinks it is a Windows To Go, when it’s not, the steps below will help you to fix this issue:


1 Use the Windows 8 Key +R keyboard shortcut to bring the Run command, type regedit.exe and click OK.

2 Browse the following registry key:


3 Delete this value:

Warning: Back up all the data from the disk as when you clean it, it will destroy all the data.

4 Now “clean” USB drive by opening the command prompt, type diskpart.exe and press Enter.

5 To figure out the disk number of the USB drive in the system use this command:

list disk

6 Use the following command to select the disk (note that “#” is the number of your USB drive):

select disk #

7 Type:


And then type exit to quit DiskPart. Reboot your PC and everything you should go back to normal.

Source Microsoft Forum