How to get rid of Facebook Timeline (The easiest way)

How to get rid of Facebook Timeline

After a while I come to like the new Facebook Timeline, but this is not the case for many of you. In the past there was different ways to get around it and many people put their hopes into Facebook adding a way get to revert or disable Timeline. This never happened and the giant of social networks made it clear that the future is going to be the Timeline design, leaving tons of users in the dark.

If you’re one of the many users wanting to get the old Facebook profile back, this Google Chrome extension sure is going to help to ditch Facebook Timeline forever.

In a previous article we looked at how to disable Facebook Timeline, but this is not useful anymore. Then you also learned how to enhance Timeline to make look like the old Facebook profile, however this didn’t disable Timeline. 

TimelineRemove is a Google Chrome extension that truly brings your old Facebook profile back, and you don’t need to configure anything, just the extension and you are good to go.

Important: It’s worth noting that you are the only who will see the old Facebook profile and when you are using Google Chrome web browser. There is actually no a way to disable Facebook Timeline from your account. So if you are among those users who really doesn’t like the new feature in Facebook, TimelineRemove is an extension worth giving a try.

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Source Lifehacker via AddictiveTips