How to remove Google Chrome 15 New Tab Page [Extensions]

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To remove Google Chrome 15 New Tab Page you are going to need to resource to extensions, and here are some of them.

The giant of search recently released Google Chrome 15 to the beta channel. This newest build brings a New Tab Page that allows to make easier for users to manage web apps, bookmarks, and most visited sites. But if you don’t like the new style, you can use one of several extensions to replace the New Tab Page.

Chrome Web Store extensions to remove New Tab Page:

  • Replace New Tab Page: This an extension that basically assigns a web page, that you can customize — remember to use the http:// when you entering a new URL, if you don’t do this, you’ll get an error –, and now every time you open a new Tab a web page will load instead of the New Tab Page.
  • New Tab Redirect: The same as the extension mentioned above, you can use this one to load a custom URL in a new Tab.
  • Empty New Tab Page: This is an even simpler extension, once installed and you’ve created a new Tab, only a blank page will appear.
Note: These Chrome extensions do not disable the New Tab Page, they only assign what action to take when you create a new Tab.