How to restart a Windows program that crashed, with Task Manager

This Windows 7 guide will help to easily terminate and restart a program that is not responding with Windows Task Manager before having to restart your PC.

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Windows 7 brings a lot of new stability compared with previous versions, but it doesn’t mean that every program will work perfectly all the time. Sometimes programs will crash, freeze or they will start acting up, and a lot of people do not know what to do next.

Today, you’ll learn how easy is to terminate and restart a program that is not responding using the Windows Task Manager before resourcing to restart your computer.

To terminate and restart a program can be done through the Task Manager on Windows and there are various ways to access it. In this guide, we are going to see three ways to do this.

1. Ctrl + Alt + Del

The first method is pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del — Don’t worry, Windows will not restart, that was in the old days –, and Windows welcome screen will come up, but this time with a menu, here select Start Task Manager.


2. Right-click the taskbar

The other method is right-clicking in an empty space on the taskbar and selecting Start Task Manager.


3. Start menu

Lastly, open Start, type View process running with Task Manager, press Enter. Next click the tab Applications.

Next, when you have the Task Manager open, in the Applications tab, will be listed all the programs that are currently running in your computer. If you are having problems with one specific program, is likely that next to the task, under the Status column, you will see the message Not Responding, select the program and click End Task to force Windows to close the program.

task manager not responding

Quick Tip: If after you click End Task the program doesn’t close, click the End Task button a couple more times and wait until a Windows message comes up letting you know that the program is not responding and click Close the program as many times as the message appears.

win7 not responding message

Note: that when a program becomes unresponsive and you close it, you may lose all the unsaved data.

Now the program should be ready to start over. In the case that the program crashes again, you can repeat these instructions one more time, but if this does not fix it, restart your computer. 

You could also try to check for updates, the program could have a bug and a new update with the fix could be available, and also check for Windows updates.