How to insert emojis on Windows 11

This is the quickest way to insert emojis on Windows 11.

Windows 11 emoji

Windows 11 comes with the emoji panel that lets you quickly insert emojis, symbols, kaomoji (face characters), and GIFs into any application, document, social media, or other services on the web. 

Emojis play an important role in how we communicate emotions, situations, or ideas, and even though virtually every platform has access to this feature, Windows 11 ships with a new (2D) emoji system using a modern design.

In this guide, you will learn the easy steps to insert emojis in documents, text files, emails, and social media posts on Windows 11.

Insert emojis on Windows 11

To insert an emoji on Windows 11, use these steps:

  1. Open an app.

  2. Use the Windows key + . (period) or Windows key + ; (semicolon) keyboard shortcut to open the emoji panel.

  3. Click the Emoji tab. 

  4. Select the emoji you want to insert.

    Windows 11 insert emoji

    Quick tip: If you can’t find the emoji, use the search box. You can also use the navigation on the top to

Once you complete the steps, the emoji will appear in the document, and as you use them, the most frequently used will appear in the “most recently used” tab to make it even easier to select them the next time.

If you use the virtual keyboard, you can access the emojis panel by clicking the button in the top-left corner of the keyboard.

The ability to change the skin tone for emoji groups (family members, couples with hearts, kissing, and people holding hands) is expected to be available with the release of Windows 11 22H2.