Lake Baikal theme for Windows 10
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Lake Baikal theme for Windows 10 (download)

This theme is dedicated to the ancient and magnificent lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. Considered to be the deepest lake in the world, you have the opportunity to enjoy its total beauty from your office. The changes in season give to this lake a kiss of wonder, the winter’s scenery catches your attention with the incredible ice formations and the summer displays all the splendor of colors that will leave you wanting to hike its shores.

15 wallpapers for your desktop backgrounds show a few corners and different times of the year around the waters of lake Baikal and all are free to download for Windows 10.

If the images rotate too quickly on your desktop, after applying the theme on Settings > Personalization > Background, and use the Change picture every drop-down menu to adjust the image rotation frequency. Also, Windows 10 has a new light theme, and here’s how to enable it. You can find more great themes in my Desktop Fun section.

Lake Baikal wallpaper sample