Chrome light theme for incognito mode

How to bring back light theme for incognito mode in Chrome

If you don't like the new dark theme for incognito mode in Chrome, use this little extension to bring back the good ol' light theme.

Google has now fully implemented its new visual design language framework which we know as Material Design into Chrome. In addition to a new flat and modern interface the company added a new dark theme for its incognito — the mode that allows you to browse more privately without leaving a trail in the computer.

Although, a lot of users like the new dark color scheme for incognito mode, many other users feel that new mandatory theme is a bit to “gloomy” and they would like an option to switch to the light theme that was available in previous versions.

Disabling incognito mode dark theme

In the latest update of Chrome, Google isn’t including any option or a setting within the chrome://flags page to enable the light theme. However, there is you can still bring back the light color scheme for incognito mode using the “Material Incognito Light Theme” extension.

Chrome light and dark theme
Chrome incognito mode with light theme (left), Chrome incognito mode with dark theme (right)

Material Incognito Light Theme is small extension that replaces the dark theme with same light gray colors you get when using Chrome in regular mode. Actually, the only way to notice that you’re using the browser in private mode is when you see the incognito icon in the top-left corner.

  • Material Incognito Light Theme | Download

Once in the Chrome Web Store, click the Add to Chrome button to install.

If you want to uninstall Material Incognito Light Theme, you won’t find it under “Extensions”, you’ll actually need to open chrome://settings, and click the Reset to default theme button.