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Microsoft 365 Life subscription is coming in 2020

Microsoft may rebrand Office 365 Personal and Home to Microsoft 365 Life in early 2020 as the subscription will include services beyond productivity.

Microsoft logo at Store grand opening in 2016

Microsoft is reportedly planning to launch a consumer version of its “Microsoft 365” service. According to a report from ZDNet, the subscription is currently known as “M365 Life,” and it’s likely that “Microsoft 365 Life” will be the final name.

Microsoft 365 is a subscription service that offers Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility and Security for businesses. However, for consumers, the new service seems to be a rebranding of Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home, but it’ll include additional services, such as a new password manager, and the price won’t be different to the amount subscribers already pay ($99.99 and $69.99 for the Home and Personal tiers respectively).

In addition, the company is working on another version of Microsoft Teams (Teams for Life), which will include new features, such as the ability to share calendar, documents, and location, and it’s likely that this version will be part of the Microsoft 365 Life offering.

As for the reason that Microsoft is going with the new name is because the services will go beyond productivity tools, and the “Life” in the name is because of branding reasoning as the company has been wanting to engage consumers through its “Modern Life and Devices” approach.

Although it’s unclear when the service will be available, the report claims that the consumer version of Microsoft 365 will launch in early 2020.