Easier sign-in

Microsoft Authenticator lets you sign-in without a password using your phone

Microsoft updates its Authenticator app with a new feature to sign in to your Microsoft account without a password — Here's how to set it up.

Microsoft Authenticator app now adds a new sign-in option to let you get into your Microsoft accounts only using your phone –no more passwords. If you’ve used the Authenticator app in the past, you know that it was possible to use the app for two-factor authentication requests, but in this new update, you no longer need to enter a password when prompted to sign-in on your Microsoft account.

Setting up the Microsoft Authenticator

If you want to try this new feature, you need to install the Microsoft Authenticator on your Android or iPhone device.

Then you need to add a Microsoft account as you would normally do the first time on any service with your username and password.

Once the account is configured, on the Microsoft Authenticator app, select the dropdown button on the account tile, and select the Enable phone sign-in option.

Microsoft Authenticator without password
Microsoft Authenticator without password

If you’re adding a new account on your Android or iPhone, you’ll be prompted to enable this feature automatically.

After everything is configured, instead of entering your complex password with uppercase, numbers, and symbols, you’ll get a notification on your phone, and then select Approve to sign-in.

According to Microsoft, using the new phone sign-in option makes the process easier than using two-step verification, and a lot more secure than only using a password.

The new feature is only available for Android and iPhone devices, unfortunately a Microsoft Authenticator for Windows phones is not a priority for the company.