Microsoft China confirms Windows 9 name for the next OS

Windows 9 logo teaser (unofficial)

Microsoft still hasn’t talked officially about its next version of Windows, but this didn’t stop the company’s Chinese division to further confirm that indeed the new operating system will be actually called “Windows 9”.

Today Microsoft China asked in the Weibo social network service: “Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 9 is coming soon, do you think the start menu at the bottom will make a comeback?” The post even had an image with a Windows 9 logo (above image) that was already floating around the web earlier this year.

The post was quickly spotted by the Chinese site Cnbeta, but the original post has already been removed. Intentionally or not, it’s getting clear that Microsoft has the intention to name Threshold, Windows 9 and working around the clock to release the software.

Microsoft is expected to release a technical preview of Windows Threshold on September 30, during a special event and a final public release should arrive some time in April 2015. Rumors about Windows 9 has been emerging almost in the daily basis and even though there is nothing official, for sure we know that there are many great features and enhancements coming to the OS, including the new Start menu, windowed apps, visual changes throughout with Metro 2.0, and a lot more.

For more details on features we expect to see in Windows 9, be sure to check my complete summary on this topic.

Just as clarification, the Windows 9 logo image is just a mock-up, it’s not the official logo for the operating system.