Microsoft is building a Designer app for Windows 11

Microsoft Designer app offers easy-to-use tools to build professional visual materials in minutes.

Microsoft Designer preview
  • Microsoft leaks its new Designer app.
  • The app is a simple solution to build presentations and visual materials easily.
  • Designer is still in preview, and it’s unclear when it’ll be available.

Microsoft is making a new app for Windows 11 called “Designer,” an easy-to-use graphic design platform to create presentations, such as marketing content and other visual materials.

The app is a web-based application similar to the graphic design platform Canva with user-friendly templates, fonts, and a drag and drop approach.

Although the company already has PowerPoint, this is a more robust and complex tool. “Designer” is meant to be a simple platform to create advertisements, presentations, and other visual materials faster without a significant learning curve.

According to an early leak, the Designer app offers a clean canvas where you can select a template, images from the service library, shapes, inspirations, and everything you need to create professional visuals in minutes. The app also integrates with LinkedIn to share the presentation quickly with other people.

It’s still unclear when and how the company will be offering this service. However, Microsoft may likely plan to make Designer part of its Microsoft 365 subscription package alongside the Office apps, the premium version of Outlook, Microsoft Editor, OneDrive, and more.