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Microsoft Edge to bring Chrome extension support

The Chromium version of Microsoft Edge is likely to bring support for Chrome extensions.

Microsoft Edge is expected to include support for Chrome extensions in the new version with the Chromium web rendering engine. The news has been confirmed by Kyle Alden, project manager for the web browser, on Reddit (via The Verge).

This is without a doubt a great news for everyone, not only for users who depend on extensions to add more functionality, but also developers who will not longer have to rewrite their code to bring their extensions to Microsoft Edge.

In a response to a question, Alden replied: “It’s our intention to support existing Chrome extensions.”

Although the response leaves the door open for the company to walk away from this functionality, unless there’s a problem between the companies there isn’t anything that could block the new version of Edge from adding support for Chrome extensions.

In addition to the possibility of Chrome-based extensions coming to Microsoft Edge, Alden also revealed that the new version of the browser will include support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in the same way that it works on Google Chrome. Furthermore, the company confirmed that will continue to support EdgeHTML/Chakra to add backward compatibility with existing PWAs.

If you’re unfamiliar, Progressive Web Apps are a new kind of apps that look and feel like native apps, but they are web apps with additional components, and they can work across platforms.