Microsoft Edge Insider program

Microsoft Edge based on Chromium will be a separate download on Windows 10

You'll be able to download and test the next version of Microsoft Edge using the Google's Chromium rendering engine without needing to sign up to the Windows Insider Program.

While it’s unclear when the new version of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium for Windows 10 will be available, it appears that the new browser won’t be so different from its friend, Google Chrome, at least in the way that you’ll get it.

According to Kyle Alden, senior program manager for Microsoft Edge, revealed on Reddit (via Techdows) that the Chromium version of Edge will be available for testing as a standalone download sometime in 2019. This means that anyone will be able to try the browser without being part of the Windows Insider Program.

However, the company isn’t saying if the final version will be available as a separate download, which is highly unlikely as the new browser, like previous versions, is expected to be bundled with Windows 10. Perhaps, after it’s officially available, future previews will continue to be available as a separate download to test upcoming features alongside the stable version.

It’s unknown when exactly the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge will release, but we’re getting close to the company’s BUILD developer conference, as such we can only assume that Microsoft will reveal more information during its conference.

Recently, the software giant also opened up the Microsoft Edge Insider program for developers to test new features and changes, which could indicate that while you won’t need to sign up for the Windows Insider Program, you may still need to sign up for the Microsoft Edge Insider program to download previews of the new Chromium-based browser.