Microsoft Edge brings mica material support on Windows 11

The latest version of Microsoft Edge in the Canary Channel enable the mica material design across the frame of the app.

Microsoft Edge with mica material
  • Microsoft Edge enables mica material support on Windows 11.
  • The new design support shows the desktop background colors using a frost effect for the frame.
  • The mica material is enabled by default in the latest preview available in the Canary channel.
  • It’s unclear when Microsoft plans to roll out the new design.

Microsoft is finally enabling the mica material for its Edge browser on Windows 11. In the latest preview of the Canary channel, Microsoft Edge comes with an updated version of the title bar that features the mica material to align with the design style available on Windows 11.

The mica material is a design technique that shines the desktop background colors through the body of the app with a semi-transparent blur effect (like a frosted window). If you want to try out the new design, it comes enabled by default in the latest preview of the browser. It’s important to note that the new style is only available when you’re not using any custom themes.

You don’t have to enable the feature manually, but if you don’t like the new design, you can turn it off manually by appending the “–disable-features=Windows11MicaTitlebar” to the Microsoft Edge shortcut in the “Properties” settings.

In addition to the mica material support, the company is also adding a new feature that allows users to access the internet through a VPN service provided in partnership with Cloudflare. The feature adds an extra layer of security and privacy when accessing the internet through a public wireless or unsecured network or when you visit a site without a valid certificate. You can also configure the feature to specify which sites should be accessed through the VPN service. The feature is still in development, and you can enable and configure it with these instructions.