Microsoft Edge gets new gaming features for Windows 11, 10

Microsoft Edge gets Clarify Boost and efficiency mode features and a new gaming homepage and flyout out for quick access to games.

Microsoft Edge gaming features
  • Microsoft introduces several new gaming features for its Edge browser.
  • These features include Clarity Boost and efficiency mode to improve the gaming experience.
  • Also, the browser gets a new gaming homepage and flyout for quick access to casual games.

Microsoft introduces new gaming features for its Edge browser on Windows 11 and 10. Starting with version 103, Microsoft Edge includes a new gaming homepage and integration for casual gaming. In addition, the browser also introduces two new features, including “Clarity Boost” to improve the Xbox Cloud Gaming streams and efficiency mode to prevent resource impact of the computer while playing games.

Clarity Boost is a feature specifically designed for Xbox Cloud Gaming that upscales Xbox games to make them sharper and clearer. And the result is very noticeable due to the improvements that Microsoft has made to the client-side scaling feature.

The efficiency mode is a new feature that prevents Microsoft Edge from hogging the system resources when playing PC games. In other words, when launching a game, the browser will automatically reduce its utilization to free up resources for gaming. Once you are done playing, the browser will exist in efficiency mode automatically to resume where you left off.

In this release, Microsoft Edge also introduces a new homepage for gaming, which features live streams, gaming news, Xbox content, and quick access to xCloud games. Also, the browse now includes a gaming flyout to make it easier to access casual games, such as Solitaire.