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Microsoft Edge stable download link appears online

You can now find the link to download the stable version of Microsoft Edge on Google, but the final release isn't official yet.

Microsoft Edge stable download

The link to download the stable version of Microsoft Edge appears on Google search allowing anyone to download and install the (presumed) final version of the new web browser.

Although Microsoft has been releasing many test builds of the new version of Edge based on the Chromium engine through the Insider program, the company hasn’t officially shared any details of any final release in the pipeline.

However, it’d appear that Microsoft is closer to finalize a reliable version of the browser sooner than expected as the said to be the first stable release of the Chromium version Edge has now surfaced on Google Search.

The download link was first spotted by Techdows (via Neowin) doing as simple search for “Microsoft Edge stable,” which returns a direct download link for the installer.

After installing this version, Microsoft Edge will launch without the “beta” label, but it’s the same version number as the latest beta available through the Insider program.

While the company hasn’t officially said when the new browser will be available to everyone, the availability of the link to download the stable version might indicate that Microsoft is close to ship a final build of its new browser.