exFAT on Linux

Microsoft is bringing exFAT support to Linux

exFAT is coming to the Linux kernel to make it easier for users to mount and access flash drives and SD cards using the proprietary file system.

Microsoft's exFAT is coming to Linux

The Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) is a Microsoft proprietary file system designed for portable drives (such as USB flash drives and SD cards) that overcomes the limitation of the old FAT32 standard and where NTFS is a not a feasible solution.

However, because Microsoft owns various patents of the file system design, up until now, Linux users needed to go through workarounds to access devices formatted using exFAT. But now things are changing, as the software giant has published the technical specifications of the file system publicly for the first time and announced that it’s supporting the integration of exFAT into the Linux kernel.

Furthermore, the company says that also supports exFAT on the Linux kernel become part of the Open Invention Network (OIN) Linux definition, which once accepted, it’ll benefit the entire Linux community.