Microsoft fixes Store app downloads and updates problem in Windows 10

Microsoft puts to an end the issue on the Windows 10 Store that prevented users from downloading and updating apps for days.

Store for Windows 10 tile in the Start menu

Microsoft delivers fix for the Store in Windows 10. Recently, a number of users have been reporting that an issue in Store was preventing them from updating existing and downloading new apps, but today, it seems that the issue has gone away.

When the company first acknowledged the problem said to expect a fix for the Store through Windows Update within 48 hours, but the update never arrived, instead it seems that the fix was done on the Microsoft server’s side.

The problem began on August 8th, where users starting reporting that they were unable to access the Store and some of the Windows 10 built-in apps, including Mail and Calendar. Users were able to see at the updates and pending downloads, but the Store couldn’t download any of them. In addition, some users were also getting a “the Store had stumbled” message.

Then about a week ago, the company released a new version of the Store for Windows 10, designed to fix the problem among other things, but as of August 13th, the update seemed to have failed to resolve the issue.

Many users also said that resetting Windows 10 and disabling recent updates fixed the Store and Windows app download problem.

If you’re hit by the problem in the Windows Store, you’ll be happy to know that everything seems to be going back to normal. However, you may want to restart your PC, before you start seeing the queue clearing.

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Source ZDNet