Colorful iconography

Microsoft introduces new modern icons for Windows 10

Microsoft continues its push of the Fluent Design overhaul for products and services with new modern icons for Windows 10.

Windows 10 new modern icons

Microsoft is unveiling a new set of icons for Windows 10. The new iconographic is part of multi-year push with the Fluent Design System to modernize the operating system and services.

The new redesign move away from the flat and monochrome style in favor of icons with colors, depth, and rounded corners using the Fluent Design System language for a modern and more consistent look across Windows 10.

The colorful iconographic is currently available for built-in apps, such as Mail, Calendar, Groove Music, Alarms & Clock, Voice Recorder, Calculator, Movies & TV, and the company says that more icons will be available as soon as new updates for apps are available through the Microsoft Store.

“The addition of color also gives a cohesive design language across platforms: the icon that’s familiar in Windows 10 is the same on Android, iOS, and Mac, providing a wayfinding path across your digital life.” Microsoft says.

Microsoft Paint new icon (source: Microsoft)
Microsoft Paint new icon (source: Microsoft)

Although the company is announcing the new icons for the desktop version of Windows 10, the news is not entirely new, the icons were previously found in the Windows 10X emulator, which also included new iconography for the Start menu, Task View, and Settings button, which are yet to be available in the desktop version of the operating system.

Also, Microsoft has previously made available new modern icons for its suite of Office apps, including for Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint, which are styles that you can also find in the equivalent version of the apps for mobile devices.

If you want to see the new icons, some of the are available with Windows 10 build 19569, which is the latest preview in the Fast ring of the Windows Insider Program.