Time to move foward

Microsoft no longer sales Windows 7/8.1 to PC makers

It's time to let go and let the new replace the old.

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Microsoft stops the sale of Windows 7 Professional and Windows 8.1 licensing to PC manufacturers as of October 31, 2016. Some retailers will continue to sale any remaining stock, but moving forward the device makers will offer Windows 10 as the only choice.

This news shouldn’t come to anyone as a surprise as Microsoft has already stopped offering different editions of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to manufacturers about two years ago.

In the lifecycle chart, you can see October 31th as the end of sale for Windows 7 Professional and Windows 8.1.

Client operating systems and updatesDate of general availabilityRetail software end of sales*End of sales for PCs with Windows preinstalled
Windows XPDecember 31, 2001June 30, 2008October 22, 2010
Windows VistaJanuary 30, 2007October 22, 2010October 22, 2011
Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate October 22, 2009October 31, 2013October 31, 2014
Windows 7 Professional October 22, 2009October 31, 2013October 31, 2016
Windows 8October 26, 2012October 31, 2014June 30, 2016
Windows 8.1October 18, 2013September 1, 2015October 31, 2016
Windows 10July 29, 2015N/AN/A
* Note that when the retail software product reaches its end of sales date, it can still be purchased through OEMs (the company that made your PC) until it reaches the end of sales date for PCs with Windows preinstalled.

Additionally, the mainstream support for Windows 7 has already ended back in 2015. Now the good, but old operating system is in the extended support cycle, which only offers security updates. However, Windows 8.x will continue to get full support until early 2018.

On the other hand, Windows 10 seems that will be supported until October 13, 2020. But it’s a unique situation for this operating system, as Microsoft is offering it “as a service,” which is totally different servicing approach with regular major feature updates at least twice a year, and not just patches.

Desktop operating systemsDate of availabilitySupport retired
Windows XP SP1August 30, 2002October 10, 2006
Windows XP SP2 September 17, 2004July 13, 2010
Windows XP SP3 April 21, 2008April 8, 2014
Windows Vista SP1February 4, 2008July 12, 2011
Windows Vista SP2 May 26, 2009Available now
Windows 7 SP1February 22, 2011Available now
Windows 8.1October 18, 2013Available now
Windows 10, released in July 2015N/AN/A

Up until now, Windows 10 has received two major updates, including the November Update and the Anniversary Update. A third update is also in the works, which we know as “Windows 10 Creators Update”, and Microsoft plans to bring 3D, mixed reality, and a handful of other features.

The bottom line is that Windows 7 was a great operating system, and Windows 8 introduced many new technologies, but Windows 10 has a lot to offer and it’s the future of Windows.

Source Microsoft via VentureBeat