Microsoft Patch Tuesday fixes Surface RT Wi-Fi problems

MS Windows Update Tuesday

Microsoft is rolling out today its monthly “Patch Tuesday” updates for a number of software products and devices, including updates for Windows 8, Windows RT and IE10.

In this series of updates the software giant is releasing a specific fix for Surface RT, which improves the Wi-Fi connectivity problems in the device for various scenarios, like improved support for connecting access points that do not use “non-standard-ASCII spacial characters”, and the update will also decrease the occasions where users can experience “limited WiFi connectivity”, issues that have been big topics at the Microsoft Community forum.

In total users will see 11 new Windows update ready to install, some of them will also patch various security holes, and the remaining updates correspond to the overall performance of “Win RT” and Office 2013 RT.

As for Windows 8, there are a total of 7 different updates for the 32-bit and 64-bit version of the operating system, with 2 of them categorized as critical and the others just as important — One of the critical Windows updates is for Internet Explorer 10 –. Updates will happen automatically, but users can always install the patches manually. 

Source Microsoft Community forums via The Verge and Neowin