Xbox Power On documentary

Microsoft publishes ‘Power On: The Story of Xbox’ documentary

As part of the 20-year celebration of the Xbox console in 2021, Microsoft has published a six-part “comprehensive and authentic history” documentary of the Xbox console, Power On: The Story of Xbox.

The documentary takes you back to the bumpy beginnings of the console to where it’s today. You will also hear from team members who experienced all the journey’s ups and downs.

Each episode covers a part of the history of Microsoft trying to make it in the gaming market dominated by Sony and Nintendo. You will get to know details behind the original design of Xbox, the challenge of overcoming the Red Ring of Death, and the company’s attempt to buy Nintendo to where the console is today.

The six episodes of the Power On: The Story of Xbox documentary are available for free on the most popular video streaming platforms, including YouTube, RedBox, IMBbTV, The Roku Channel, Microsoft Movies & TV, and many others.