Microsoft releases update KB268599 for quick note-taking in Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3, Microsoft demo New York City event 2014

Although, Surface Pro 3 still days away from shipping, the company today released a new update described as KB268599: Quick Note-Taking Experience feature for Windows 8.1, and it’s basically the update that allows taking screenshots of a website, for example, by simply double-clicking the Surface Pen, which then you can easily edit on OneNote. 

The update also allows to sync quick notes to OneNote after unlocking Surface Pro 3. 

This is the Microsoft description: 

This article describes an update to the Quick Note-Taking Experience feature for Windows Store apps or desktop note-taking applications in Windows 8.1. After you install this update, the Quick Note-Taking Experience feature will support screen shot capture and 32-bit applications.  

These are two features that Microsoft demoed during the Surface Pro 3 launch event in New York City, but current demo devices didn’t include these features until today. 

Source Microsoft