Microsoft to replace OneNote 2016 in favor of Windows 10 app

Microsoft to start fading out OneNote 2016 with Office 2019 in favor of the Windows 10 sibling app.

OneNote app for Windows 10

Starting with Office 2019 coming later this year, Microsoft plans to replace OneNote 2016 with the modern version of the app to consolidate the number of the same app to just one.

Although it’s clear that the modern version of OneNote for Windows 10 is the app Microsoft wants you to use, the older sibling isn’t going away immediately. Initially, the company will simply replace OneNote 2016 as the default experience for Office 365 and Office 2019, and it’ll stop adding features.

Those who prefer the old version will continue to be able to install and use OneNote 2016 for a few more years. Microsoft says that will continue to provide support, security updates, and bug fixes during the Office 2016 support cycle, which is set to end in October 2020 — with extended support ending in October 2025.

While there might be some hesitant users, the OneNote app designed for Windows 10 has been improving a lot, and the gap of features between both versions is slimming down. Also, the modern version shares the same interface found on iOS, Android, and Mac, which makes a more seamless experience across platforms.

In addition, the modern version OneNote includes better syncing capabilities, performance, reliability, and battery life.

Further, Microsoft is promising to continue to rollout updates to make the app as feature-rich as OneNote 2016. Some of these features include support for tags, live preview of Office files, and improvements to Class Notebooks.