Microsoft shows off Office touch-optimized apps for Windows 10 (video)

Microsoft has just announced that is making Office free for iPad, iPhone, and Android, but the most exciting news for Windows users is that the company has officially confirmed that Office touch-optimized apps are coming to Windows 10.

Soon after the announcement the company quietly released a video showing off the new apps in actions. The video above demos Word and PowerPoint running on a Surface Pro 3.

The company didn’t offer much details about apps, it only said “Office apps for Windows 10 are in the works and we’ll have more to share soon”. What we know for sure is that the apps won’t be available until Windows 10 ships on mid-2015.

For what I can see in the video, touch, of course, is implemented and working quite OK, but the UI seems pretty much the same to what we see today, which makes me wonder how well this new version of Office will work with touch as buttons and elements don’t seem big enough.

Finally, I ask myself if “Office everywhere” could also mean that there is a slightly chance that the apps will be free of Windows 10 users too? Now, that would be epic. But no word on the topic.

How do you like the Office apps for Windows 10 from the demo? Do you feel left out as a Windows user, seeing that other platforms are getting new software first?