Original look

New Microsoft To Do app resembles the original Wunderlist

Microsoft releases a redesigned version of the To Do app to bring the Wunderlist look and feel back, and help lure users to switch.

Microsoft To Do app (Wunderlist lookalike)

The Microsoft To Do app is getting big changes, including a new modern design that revives the look and feel of the original Wunderlist app, and the company is renaming it from To-Do to just “To Do.”

Microsoft is making the new version of the task management app available for download immediately, and once you install it, you’ll notice that the large headers have been replaced with interchangeable background images and color schemes that change the look of the entire app.

In this new version, Microsoft is really trying to bring the best of “To Do” and “Wunderlist” together. As a result, you can even set the Berlin TV tower background, which was popular in the original app.

Also, you can now change background in a per list basis to give even more customization control. If you like dark mode, this feature is available for Windows 10, and for the app available on Android, Mac, and iOS 13 (once released).

Along with the name tweak and modern design take that brings some of the look back from the original Wunderlist app, the new To Do app includes the same features, such as the ability to create tasks, lists, reminders, and “My Day,” a daily planner that will refresh each day with suggestions of tasks that you may need to tackle throughout the new day.

While the old “Microsoft To-Do” app did a pretty good job managing tasks, it was a big shift from the original app, which caused some disappointment among Wunderlist fans to the point that the original founder, Christian Reber, offered to buy the app back to prevent shutting it down. However, the company hopes that the new changes will help get users to switch before the old app is discontinued.