Microsoft working on more interactive Live Tiles for Windows 10

Microsoft is ready to introduce new Live Tiles on Windows 10 that are more interactive and capable than before.

Interactive Live Tiles on Windows 10

More interactive Live Tiles in the Windows Start menu has been in the works for a number of years. Although, Microsoft has been improving its Live Tiles feature different times, since they were introduced on Windows 8.x, their functionality haven’t changed significantly on Windows 10. Now interactive Live Tiles are surfacing again and they may soon arrive on Windows 10 Redstone.

Microsoft’s Build developers conference is happening on March 30th, and a session entitled “What’s New for Tiles and Toast Notifications” has been spotted at the company’s Channel9 website.

The session notes read: “Live Tiles are evolving with two highly-requested surprises that you won’t want to miss,” hinting that Live Tiles on Windows 10 are ready for a big change.

The software maker has been planning numerous features for its operating system. Interactive Live Tiles was supposed to ship with Windows 10 and so were extensions support for Microsoft Edge. However, due to development constrains, the company had to delay many of the new features for future releases.

Previously, the Microsoft Research division showed off a concept of more capable Live Tiles that makes it easier for users to take action on certain tasks from a tile without having to open the app.

For example, on the Mail app, users can scroll inside of the Live Tile and click an email title to reply directly, or expand send a text message to someone in your contacts without opening the app.

Alongside, the possibility of seeing more interactive and capable Live Tiles on Windows 10, the software giant is planning to improve Action Center as well adding more flexibility in Adaptive Toasts. Microsoft notes: “We will introduce a powerful API that enables a new class of apps to plug into the Notification pipeline and provide innovative experiences for users.”

The company says that it has two surprises to unveil regarding Live Tiles and Toast Notifications, but it’s yet not clear whether the Microsoft Research project will be part of the surprises in store for Build 2016.

Source Channel9 via The Verge