The new Xbox 360 E teardown by iFixit

New Xbox 360 E teardown by iFixit 780_wide

During the E3 Global Media Briefing, Microsoft announced a new redesigned Xbox 360 based on the Xbox One design. The new console seems to be smaller and quieter than the current version, and there is no more red-ring-of-death as the company moved to a smaller power button next to the eject button and the fatal failures are under control. But it’s all about statics, inside the Xbox 360 S has pretty much the same hardware specs. However, this didn’t stop the guys from iFixit to get their hands in one of the new Xbox 360 E and tear it down to show you what’s new.

According to iFixit, “Microsoft did a little bit of housekeeping with the backside”, and now ports are rearranged better and you won’t see anymore the old A/V and S/PDIF ports, those have been replaced by a single optical audio out jack. And now you only get four USB ports, instead of the five you had before.


The 250GB 54000 RPM Seagate hard drive is easy accessible, which is great, in Xbox One, the HDD isn’t upgradeable.

iFixit gave the Xbox 360 E a repairability score of 8 out of 10, which means that it is pretty easy to repair, in fact it is easier than opening the 360 S. The new console has a modular design that allows you to replace the button board, heat sink, Wi-Fi, fan, and drives independently the teardown site noted.

For the complete set of steps and images visit iFixit, Xbox 360 tearndown.