Observed Tech podcast episode 111: All about Windows 8.1

Podcast equipment

Happy Friday! Today I’m really excited to announce that I joined the Observed Tech podcast as a co-host and together with Richard Hay from WindowsObserver.com, we’ll be delivering your weekly roundup of tech news.

On episode 111 (and episode 1 for me) we talked about plenty of Windows 8.1, we discussed the most important features, what you should pay attention moving to the new operating system, what’s going to happen with Windows 8 in the future, and we talked about several other related topics from different sources such as:

  • Microsoft releasing the Remote Desktop App for Android and iOS
  • New Surface Pro 100$ price cut, but not permanent
  • Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 review roundup
  • Two million Office 365 Home Premium subscriptions and what this means for Microsoft
  • Nokia introduction of its first Windows RT 8.1 tablet, Lumia 2520, and two new Windows Phones, the Lumia 1520 and 1320.
  • Flipboard, Vine, Instagram on the way to the Windows Phone Store

I want to thank Richard for inviting me to join the Observed Tech podcast. You can follow Richard @WinObs and you can read his tech point of view on WindowsObserver.com.

I hope you really enjoy the show, until next time, thank you for listening.