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Office unified mobile app now ready for download on Android

Microsoft combies Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and tools in a single experience with the new Office app for Android.

Office unified app for Android (source: Microsoft)

Microsoft has been working on a unified Office app for several months, and now, the new app is ready for anyone to download from the Google Play store.

The new app brings a new experience that combines Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and tools such as Sticky Notes, Office Lens, and more in a single package installation. This means that you no longer need to install the apps separately, and you can now access PowerPoint, Word, and Excel without having to switch between them.

The new Office app doesn’t really introduce new features, instead it simplifies the installation process, streamlines the experience, and surfaces existing features to make you more productive on your Android devices.

You can download the Office app now from Google Play store. If you already use any of the mobile apps, you can remove them and then get the new Office app to get started with the new experience.