Patch Tuesday: Surface firmware update and now IE10 can run Flash websites

Microsoft Patch Tuesday for Windows

As part of a new Patch Tuesday, Microsoft made available today a new firmware update for Surface RT and Surface with Windows 8 Pro, along with several updates for Internet Explorer covering IE6 through IE10.

The March 2013 Surface firmware update released today by the software giant includes:

  • Fix for “random muting”
  • Fix issues found with the device volume button
  • Experience improvement on Type and Touch Cover on soft surfaces and when devices and keyboards are lying flat.
  • Fix for Wi-Fi reliability allowing better roaming and improvements to ‘Limited’ connectivity scenarios.
  • Improvement on-screen keyboard detection synchronization when going or coming out of the sleep state.

Also March Patch Tuesday brings various updates for Internet Explorer including the recent decision from Microsoft to allow most of Flash based websites to render in IE10. As well as several other security updates that are specific for the web browser for all the operating systems, from XP to Windows 8/RT — for more information visit Microsoft Security TechCenter.

The new update will occur automatically soon enough, but if you cannot wait, you can go to the Start screen, type Windows Update and get them now.

Source Microsoft Answers