Microsoft releases fix for WiFi issue in Surface RT as part of Patch Tuesday

MS Windows Update Tuesday

Once again is time for another Patch Tuesday, Microsoft this time is releasing fixes for a total of 57 security related issues found in Windows 8, Windows RT, and IE 10 with 12 new Windows updates.

As part of this monthly release there is one update specific to Surface RT, which fixes the now well-known by many users “Limited WiFi” issue. Previously, Microsoft worked in this problem, but it seems that now it will get fixed for good.

The folks at Redmond also noted that in this Patch Tuesday Surface with Windows RT will get “driver updates improving performance with Windows, Volume and Power buttons”.

Finally, a few days ago Microsoft made available a new Surface powered by Windows 8 Pro, and there is already a problem where the digital pen is not supported in really important applications such as Photoshop. In response to this arising issue, Microsoft said that is aware of it and is working on a solution, but this round of updates will not address any issues or bugs in the new Surface Pro.

Source Microsoft Answers via Neowin