How to permanently remove the frustrating full screen video warnings

Here's a little trick you can use to remove the annoying full screen video warning on Google Chrome.

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If you’re a Google Chrome user, you probably notice that every time you try to full screen a video, you have to tell the browser that you’re allowing the action. After a short while these warning become very annoying, but luckily there is a workaround to permanently disable the permission requests.

The key point to consider is that every single time you give a website permission to view a video in full screen, it gets added to an exception list. If you want to see which websites you have granted permission, launch Chrome and navigate to Settings\Show Advanced Settings\Privacy\Content Settings\Fullscreen\ Manage Exceptions. You can also use this link to get to the settings: chrome://settings/contentExceptions#fullscreen.

Now to remove the warning in all websites, while in the viewing the exceptions list, select any of the websites you are already allowing and replace the hostname with the following value:


Fullscreen exceptions

Warning: It’s very important to note that after you allow all sites to full screen videos, you cannot undo this action, unless you reset Chrome.

It’s worth pointing out that the warning is there for a reason, removing the prompt could potentially open up a number of exploits. Check this web page for more information. As such, it’s only recommended to remove the permission mechanism only if you know what you’re doing, as it’s also possible that malicious website may try to take over the screen.

Update: After further checking, I have noticed that this doesn’t work on Chrome version 42.

Via Lifehacker