How to pin an IE11 website shortcut to Start on Windows 8.1

Follow these steps to add website shortcut to Start on Windows 8.1

With Windows 8.1, Microsoft is also introducing Internet Explorer 11, a new version of the popular web browser that brings new changes and features focus on touch-first experience, something that Microsoft has been remarking since the launch of Windows 8. Now one particular feature that has changed is how to pin a website shortcut to Start in the modern app version of the browser. This action used to be simpler, but now it just take a few extra steps; follow the instructions below to learn how:


1. While in the modern app of IE 11, favorite the web page you want to pin. Bring the App commands by using the Windows 8 Key +Z keyboard shortcut, then click or tap the star button.

Favorite a website on Internet Explorer 11

2. Next, click the pin icon from the top-right corner of Favorites. (This is also interesting, apparently now Internet Explorer 11 can generate thumbnails to help you personalize the tile that will appear on Start.) Choose from one of the pin styles and click Pin to Start.

Pin to Start button on Windows 8.1 IE 11

Now return to the Start screen and your newly created tile should appear. That’s all there is to it.