How to remove Start’s Recommended section on Windows 11

Windows 11 22H2 and later releases include a Group Policy option to disable the Recommended section from the Start menu.

Start menu without Recommended items

Windows 11 22H2 includes new settings for the Start menu to control the number of items in the “Recommended” section, but you won’t find an option to remove the feature.

However, version 22H2 introduces a policy for administrators to disable the “Recommended” section through the “User Configuration” settings in the Group Policy Editor. 

Microsoft is currently testing this option, which means that it may or may not work in the latest preview of Windows 11 22H2 available through the Dev and Beta Channels. Also, it’s not clear if the option will only work in specific variants of the OS, such as only on Windows 11 Pro, Education, or Enterprise.

In this guide, you will learn the steps to completely hide the “Recommended” section from the Start menu on Windows 11.

Remove Recommended section from Start on Windows 11

To remove the Start menu Recommended section, use these steps:

  1. Open Start.

  2. Search for gpedit and click the top result to open the Group Policy Editor.

  3. Browse the following path:

    User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar
  4. Right-click the “Remove Recommended section from Start Menu” policy and select the Edit option.

    Remove Recommended section from Start Menu

  5. Select the Enabled option.

    Gpedit remove recommended

  6. Click the Apply button.

  7. Click the OK button.

  8. Restart the computer.

Once you complete the steps, the “Recommended” section should no longer be available in the Start menu.

You can always revert the changes by following the same steps, but in step No. 5, change the setting to Not Configured.