App reset on Windows 10
Fixing Apps

How to quickly reset apps on Windows 10

Here are the instructions to easily reset any app you installed from the Windows 10 Store using the Settings app to delete its data and start over.

Before the release of the Anniversary Update of Windows 10, whenever you came across a problem with one of the default built-in apps on Windows 10 or with an app that you installed from the Store, you didn’t have many choices to troubleshoot and fix them.

However, on Windows 10, Microsoft is now adding the ability to easily reset apps that are not working properly on your PC. You can use this new feature to reset Universal Windows Platform apps that you have obtained from the Store, and you can also reset the default built-in apps that come bundled with the operating system.

In this guide, you’ll learn the easy steps to fix a Windows Store app when is in a bad state and you need to delete its data and start over on Windows 10.

How to reset Windows 10 apps

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Click on System.

  3. Click one Apps & features.

  4. Select an app (e.g. Mail and Calendar) from the list and click the Advanced options link.

    Advanced options for Windows 10 apps

  5. Click the Reset button.

  6. Click the second Reset button to confirm that you’re about to delete the apps data and start over.

    Reset button for Windows 10 apps

    Once the operation completes you will see a checkmark indicating that the reset was successful.

    Successful app reset in Windows 10

In addition to resetting an app, note that from the Advanced options you can also control app add-ons and other downloadable content for that specific app.

While you could uninstall and reinstall a Universal Windows Platform app that you installed from the Store, there was no way to do the same with the default apps that come preloaded with the operating system without having to resource and using complex commands using PowerShell.

The new reset feature in the Settings app is a welcome addition, especially for those time when the Mail app stops syncing, or you have problems with other built-in apps like Messaging, Maps, People, Groove, Camera, Alarms, Calculator, and other apps you can’t uninstall. However, Microsoft still doesn’t offer a reset button for Microsoft Edge, which is also known to run into problems.