How to reset Xbox One to factory defaults settings

The Xbox One reset feature can help you go back to the factory settings when you have problems installing or updating games, sign-in issues on Xbox Live, or any other error. Use this guide to learn how to reset your game console.

Xbox One console angle view with black background 780_wide

I am not saying you have to get rid of your Xbox One by any means, but there is a chance that for whatever the reason at one point you may have to sell it or give it away. If this is absolutely something you have to do, Xbox One provides an easy way to erase everything in the console and restore your Xbox to the original factory defaults.

Basically resetting Xbox One to factory defaults means that everything will go back to the day you bought it and before turned it on for the first time. All settings including accounts, apps, games, and saved games will be gone. Of course that everything in your account synced to Xbox Live will be kept intact.

When you are ready to reset your game console to the factory default, follow these steps:

Reset Xbox One to factory default

  1. Press the silver Xbox button in the controller and select Settings.

  2. Then go to System.

    Xbox One System settings

  3. Select Restore factory defaults.

    Xbox One restore factory defaults

  4. Carefully read the message and click Yes to confirm.

    Xbox One confirm reset to defaults

    Now wait until the process is done and your Xbox One will reset to the factory default settings. 

Keep in mind that if you are having issues with the TV signal, display, or any other problem you may encounter with Xbox One and if everything else you tried didn’t work, restoring to defaults may just solve the issue.