How to schedule toast Notifications on Windows 8.1

Scheduling toast Notification on Windows 8.1 780_wide

Before the only way to not get bothered by toast Notifications was to disable them completely or choose to hide them every 1, 3, or 8 hours. This seems to be a little impractical for many users that need to redo this configuration every other day. Now in Windows 8.1 things have changed, Microsoft is adding a very handy option to schedule app notifications in the PC Settings.

If you’re looking to stop notifications at certain hours of the day, everyday, this is how you do it:


1. Use the Windows 8 Key +I keyboard shortcut to bring the Settings menu, and click or tap Change PC settings.

2. From the PC Settings, navigation through Search & apps, and click Notifications.

3. Finally, under Quiet hours set the time of the day when you don’t want to be bothered. (Make sure you understand that scheduling a time will repeat every day.) Also choose whether to receive alerts during quiet hours.

Quick Tip: Notice that now in Windows 8.1 there is an option to wake the monitor when a new call arrives, which is located under the Notifications section.

Quiet hours, that’s how Microsoft calls this feature, is a welcome feature for all those user who like to watch Netflix or a movie from Xbox video without having to be interrupted by the arrival of a new email.