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Seagate introduces 2TB SSD Game Drive for Xbox One

If you're looking to expand your Xbox One storage while improving gaming performance, then you should get one of the new Seagate Game Drive SSDs. (Available in summer 2018.)

Seagate Game Drive SSD for Xbox

Although games continue to get better, the storage requirement to store them digitally keeps growing, and consoles still don’t provide enough space to store them all. However, you can always expand the available space using an external hard drive, such as the new Game Drive from Seagate.

The data storage company has introduced its first Game Drive using the Xbox brand that can expand the room to store games up to 2TB. Of course, you can get larger drives, but what makes Seagate Game Drive special is that it’s a Solid-State Drive (SSD) designed exclusively for Xbox One consoles, which means faster load times, better performance, and convenient portability with an enclosure design that aligns perfectly with the Xbox design language.

The Seagate Game Drive is available in several sizes, including 2TB, 1TB, and 500GB capacity, and all using pro-level flash SSD storage. The drives use USB 3.0 to hold up high speeds reads and writes, and according to the company, the drive will be instantly recognized by your Xbox console.

The Game Drive for Xbox is expected to be available during the summer for a suggested price of $600 for the 2TB capacity, $300 for the 1TB, and $150 for the 500GB capacity. If these options are too expensive, you can get a traditional rotating platter 2TB hard drive from Seagate for $79.99 on Amazon.