How to send Word documents to Amazon Kindle on Windows 11

Yes, you can now send and read Microsoft Word documents on your Kindle device or app, and here's how.

Microsoft Word send to Kindle
  • To send a Word document to Kindle, open Word > File > Export, click “Send to Kindle,” sign in with your Amazon account, choose the format option, and click “Send.” After a few minutes, the documents will appear in your Amazon Kindle library.

On Microsoft Word, you can now send documents to any Amazon Kindle device or app, and in this guide, you will learn how. In addition to books, Kindle users can now read documents from Microsoft Word on any device or app. The option is available from the “Export” feature on the word processing app for Windows 11, 10, and macOS.

The feature provides two options, including “Like a Kindle book” or “Like a printed document.” The “Like a Kindle boot” option allows you to adjust font sizes and page layouts and is best suited for text with more straightforward formatting and reading on smaller screens. It also supports handwritten sticky notes with Kindle Scribe.

On the other hand, the “Like a printed document” option keeps page layouts and formatting as-is and is best suited for text with more complex formatting and elements like embedded tables. It also supports writing directly on the page with Kindle Scribe.

This guide will teach you the easy steps to send Word documents from your Windows 11 computer to a Kindle app or device.

Send Word documents to Kindle on Windows 11

To send a Word file to a Kindle app or device from your Windows 11 PC, use these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Word.

  2. Open the document to export to Kindle.

  3. Click on File.

  4. Click on Export.

  5. Click the “Send to Kindle” option.

    Microsoft Word send to Kindle

  6. Click the Sign in button to log into your Amazon account.

  7. Click the Allow button to authorize the action (if applicable).

  8. Select the format to apply to the file, including “Like a Kindle book” or “Like a printed document.”

    Send to Kindle options
    Send to Kindle options / Image: Microsoft
  9. Click the Send button.

Once you complete the steps, after a few moments, the Microsoft Word document will appear in your Kindle library.

It’s also possible to go to to view the status of the file or learn more about Microsoft Word files sent to Kindle.