SharpKeys remaps your keyboard keys for productivity or fun

SharpKeys key map utility

SharpKeys is a key mapping free open-source utility for Windows that will help you to customize your keyboard layout.

Basically SharpKeys enables you to change certain keys on your computer’s keyboard to behave like other keys by modifying the Registry. For example, let say you constantly miss the Enter key and press the Shift key instead, then why don’t make Shift act like the Enter key?

This utility includes a predefined list of common keyboard keys you can remap, but you can also use the “Type Key” feature to automatically populate the key you want to map, that way you don’t have to scroll through over 100+ keys. It also includes some additional options for Windows, Internet and application keys.

Warning: Make sure that you backup the Windows Registry before using this utility, because modification of the Windows Registry is involved.


Here is an example on how to swap two keys:

1. Once you launched a dialog box will appear, click OK to continue.

GUI SharpKeys

2. Click the Add button and from the list on the left select the key you want to map, then from the list on the right select the key you want to map the key to, and click OK.

Setting key mapping

3. Click the Write to Registry and finally you’ll need to either log out your current Windows session or restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

Keep in mind there are several things that SharpKeys won’t do, for example:

  • You cannot map multiple keys like shortcuts, e.g., Ctrl+V to the F6 function key.
  • You cannot switch two keys with each other, e.g., R and T with T and R.
  • Special keyboard’s keys that are not original to Windows are not supported.
  • Full listing can be found here.

For this tool to work correctly you’ll need Windows NT or greater, Windows 7 is well supported and it works in Windows 8 too (unofficially).

This piece of software can help you be a little more productive while trying, but of course, you can always play a prank to your friend by switching the keys around, but this is something I will not be covering.

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