Skype users now can connect with users using Facebook Video Calling

Skype - Facebook Video Chat integration

Skype, recently acquired by Microsoft, has announced that users are now able to use Skype to connect with friends that use Facebook video call in the latest beta version of the free software.

This new feature was possible thanks to the Facebook partnership with Skype, when back in July the social network giant released its video chat in a web browser capability.

This new feature is built-in on version 5.7 beta version for Windows and in version 5.4 for Mac OSX. There is also a short video where Skype showcases this new feature, which also details the easy steps to configure Skype + Facebook video chat.

If you are using Skype beta, you’ll also notice that in addition to be able to video chat with your friends using Facebook Video Chat, there are some other improvements like smoother video rendering and group screen sharing for Windows — Mac users already have this capability.

And this just seems to be the beginning, there are already many speculations about Microsoft wanting to integrate Skype with their Lync, Windows Phone, Windows Live Messenger, and XBOX as well.

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