Microsoft releasing Spartan web browser on all versions of Windows 10, plus Flash support

Microsoft web browser entirely new

Microsoft is working on a new web browser currently known as Spartan, recently leaked screenshots gave us an early glimpse at the internet software on its early stages, and today, we have a little more information of what is to come. According to Neowin, Spartan will replace the current modern version of Internet Explorer in Windows 8.1 and it will be the web browser, the company will expand across all Windows devices.

Microsoft is planning to make Spartan the primary web browser on every platform that runs Windows, including on the desktop, tablet, phone (Windows 10 Mobile), and even Xbox One eventually. And it will be a Windows Store app, rather than a tool attached to the operating system, like Internet Explorer.

The report also claims that Spartan will include support Adobe Flash, but it will be limited to certain versions, as Flash support will be determined by the device you use.

Initially Spartan will not be a universal app, Microsoft will deliver a version for the desktop version of Windows 10 and another for phones and tablets. Both versions will contain similar features and they receive updates regularly.

The software giant plan is to make Spartan similar across platform, but the desktop version will have a look and feel much like Chrome and Firefox.

Currently, there is no word whether the company is interested on making the internet software available for previous versions of the operating system including Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 or even on other platforms such as Android or iOS.

Source Neowin