SPDY support coming to Internet Explorer 11 to speed up web pages


Microsoft to add Google’s SPDY support to Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Blue (a.k.a Windows 8.1) to make the web experience faster.

According to a new article from Paul Thurrott at the WinSuperSite, the folks at Redmond may be planning to include SPDY support in their next web browser. The new protocol isn’t yet implemented in Internet Explorer 11, but a set of registry keys has been already dug up from the Windows Blue leaked version by Rafael Rivera that confirms it.

For those unfamiliar, SPDY (pronounced “speedy”) is a web protocol created by Google, which is yet to be certified as a web standard. But it is already part of Google Chrome and now soon to be part of IE11, and its main purpose is to improve the loading performance of websites.

Google has developed SPDY to minimize latency and reduce up to 64% the page loading time. Not getting too technical here, but Google’s protocol works seamlessly across current network infrastructures, because it uses TCP as its transport layer, which is also different and an advantage when compared with other technologies trying to achieve the same thing — for more information have a read to this SPDY whitepaper.

Source WithinWindows