Sticky Notes 3.0 for Windows 10 on Android

Sticky Notes for Windows 10 now syncs with Android through OneNote

Your Windows 10 Sticky Notes now syncs with OneNote on your Android phone. Here's how to get it.

On Windows 10, Sticky Notes is an app, which as the name implies, allows you create notes on your computer instead of having stick pieces of papers around your monitor or under the keyboard.

Sticky Notes has been around for years, but starting with version 3.0, the app introduces a new design with a Sticky Notes tray to quickly find and organize your notes, and more importantly, the app now syncs your notes across devices using your Microsoft account.

Even further, Sticky Notes now also syncs to your Android device through OneNote. In the latest beta version of the popular note-taking app, you’ll find a new Sticky Notes button that lets you access your notes. Of course, you can also edit and create new notes that will then appear instantaneously on your desktop.

Sticky Notes on Android
Sticky Notes on Android

You only need to make sure that you’re signed in with the same Microsoft account in your desktop and phone.

Sticky Notes on Android is currently available for testing. If you want to give this feature a try, you need to become a OneNote beta tester by signing in on this Google website. Then, on your phone, follow this Google Play link to download the latest beta version of OneNote.