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How to stop Microsoft Teams from starting automatically on Windows 10

If you use Microsoft Teams, but it keeps opening automatically on startup, then use these steps to stop this behavior.

MIcrosoft Teams disable auto-start

Microsoft Teams is a great real-time collaboration and messaging tool that more people are using not only to communicate with colleagues around the office, but also to host meetings and presentations remotely for those people who work from home or another location.

The only caveat about Teams is that after the installation, the app will start automatically after booting your computer, even if you don’t need to use it. However, you can disable this behavior by changing the settings within the app or using the Settings app.

In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to disable the option that allows Microsoft Teams to start automatically on Windows 10.

How to disable Microsoft Teams auto-start using app

Stop Teams from launching automatically on Windows 10:

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.

  2. Click on your account icon to open the main menu.

  3. Select the Settings option.

    Microsoft Teams main menu
    Microsoft Teams main menu
  4. Click on General.

  5. Under the “Application” section, clear the Auto-start application option.

    Microsoft Teams disable auto-start option
    Microsoft Teams disable auto-start option

Once you complete the steps, after restarting your computer, Microsoft Teams will no longer start automatically upon signing into your account.

How to disable Microsoft Teams auto-start using Settings

Prevent Teams from opening automatically on startup:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Click on Apps.

  3. Click on Startup.

  4. Turn of the Microsoft Teams toggle switch.

    Startup settings disable Teams
    Startup settings disable Teams

After you complete the steps, Teams won’t start automatically on startup.

While the steps using the Settings app will only work on Windows 10, you can use the app steps on supported platforms, including macOS and Linux.

If you don’t use the app, but it was installed automatically on your device, you can use these steps to uninstall Microsoft Teams.