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Surface Book 2 official recovery image download

Download the Surface Book 2 recovery image in case things aren't working correctly and you need to reset your laptop to factory default settings.

If you’re having problems with your Surface Book 2, or you’re ready to sell it, you can now download the official recovery image to reset the laptop to the factory settings.

A recovery image is a package that contains the Windows 10 installation files, in addition to device drivers, and default applications specifically designed for the Surface Book 2. Once you download the image, you can copy the files to a USB flash drive, which you can then boot from and reset the device offline.

In this guide, you’ll earn the steps to download the Surface Book 2 recovery image from Microsoft.

How to download Surface Book 2 recovery image

  1. Head over to the Microsoft’s Surface support page and sign-in with your Microsoft Account.

  2. Register your Surface Book 2 if you haven’t done it already. If it’s already registered your Surface Book 2 will appear in the list. Simply select the device and click Continue.

  3. The link to download the recovery image for your Surface Book 2 will appear, click the Download recovery image link.

How to create recovery drive for Surface Book 2

The process involves connecting a USB flash drive, formatting it using FAT32, and copy all the unzip files into the drive.

  1. Connect your USB drive to your Surface. (The USB drive should be at least 16GB.)

  2. Open Start.

  3. Search for recovery, and then select Create a recovery drive.

  4. Back up system files to the recovery drive isn’t selected, and then select Next.

  5. Select your USB drive, and then select Next.

  6. Click Create.

  7. Click Finish.

  8. Go back to the recovery image .zip file that you downloaded and open it.

  9. Drag the files from the recovery image folder to the USB recovery drive you created. Then choose to replace the files in the destination.

Once you’ve completed the steps, go to Using a Surface USB recovery drive for important information about how to use your new recovery drive.

Surface Book 2 is the latest and most powerful laptop from Microsoft, which now comes in two different models, include a 13.5-inch and 15-inch packing the latest Intel’s eighth-generation processors, and you can order now at Microsoft Store and various other retailers.