Surface Pro 4 might come in 13- to 14-inch in addition to the 12-inch display model

New report claims that Microsoft is planning to release a bigger version of its Surface tablet alongside the 12-inch model.

Surface Pro 3 empowers everyone

Recently we’ve heard of Microsoft planning a huge hardware launch event in October, which will likely take place in New York City. Among the new devices the company will be unveiling, we’re also expecting to see a new tablet, Surface Pro 4.

While we’ve also heard that the design won’t be changing significantly from the Surface Pro 3, a new report claims that Microsoft indeed will be releasing a new tablet with a 12-inch display, but the company is also considering on making available another version featuring a 13- to 14-inch display.

The news comes from the popular Taiwan site, Digitimes, which is known for not being very a reliable source of rumors.

In the report the site states:

Microsoft reportedly is planning to develop two next-generation Surface 2-in-1 devices, one coming with a 12-inch display and the other a 13- to 14-inch screen.

Both devices will feature high-end hardware, providing good profits to related component suppliers, the sources said, adding the order visibility for the Surface has already reached the end of the year.

However, Paul Thurrott, a reliable source for all things about Microsoft, has said on Twitter that this time around Digitimes might just be on the right track for the bigger display Surface Pro 4.

Although, now we know it’s likely that we could be seeing a Surface Pro 4 with a 13- to 14-inch display, we also have to consider that last year, we were also expecting a Surface mini and we end up getting the Surface Pro 3.

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Source Digitimes via Windows Central