Surface Pro 4 October launch: Here’s what to need to know about the tablet

Microsoft is planning to unveil Surface Pro 4 in October during the a huge hardware event and today we look at the key rumors on tech specs, design, pricing, and release date.

Surface Pro 3, Microsoft demo New York City event 2014

It’s not a secret that Microsoft is working on a successor for its professional model of Surface, we’ve been hearing a lot of rumors lately around the next version of the Microsoft’s popular tablet, most likely to be called Surface Pro 4.

The Surface Pro 4 is scheduled to launch later this year and there are a vast amount of information going around the internet, from when it’ll become available, to pricing, to tech specs, and today we’ll go on more details on the key rumors you need to know.

The tablet will be introduced during the Microsoft hardware event in October, but it’s likely to be available for purchase sometime in November.

It’s said that the next Surface Pro could be running either the new Intel’s Skylake or Core M Broadwell processor. There will also be various models of the device with different memory and storage configurations. The company is planning to offer a 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB of RAM model with the same 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB of internal solid state drive like the current generation.

In terms of tech specs, Surface Pro 3 has a variety of configurations from Intel’s Core i3 to the workhorse Core i7. Memory range from 4GB to 8GB, and storage from 64GB to 512GB. On the other hand, Surface Pro 4 could be ditching the 64GB of storage model.

Perhaps the most intriguing unknown piece of information is the processor Microsoft will be using for its new Surface Pro 4. At this time there are two choices: The Intel’s Core M i5/i7 or the new Skylake processors.

Opting for the brand Skylake architecture has a number of advantages. For starters, the processor is brand new, which gives Microsoft an opportunity to have something very few computers have today. Then there is aspect of performance, Intel’s Skylake packs serious performance improvements over previous models, including the ability to handle 4K video output at 60 fps.

However, other reports indicate that the next version of the tablet will be fanless, which could also indicate that the company could be going with Intel’s Broadwell processor, as the Skylake chip will require some ventilation due to the heat that it produces from being a powerful processor.

While the amount of RAM on the Surface Pro 4 is likely to remain the same with 4GB for the lower-end and 8GB for the higher-end model. Microsoft may also make available a 16GB option, but it will be an amount of RAM that won’t be available on all models.

Other rumors suggests that Microsoft will be including a new Surface Pen based on the N-Trig technology, which the company purchased not so long ago. It’s worth to note that many people see the Surface Pen as one of the most important feature of the Surface Pro tablets, and a new pen can only mean a better handwriting experience.

The Surface line has gone from a bulky design to a beautiful thin and relatively light and very capable machine. There had been rumors that the company is working on a 14-inch display version, but seeing that Microsoft wants people to use their current Surface Pro 3 accessories with the next generation, it’s unlikely that the software maker will not unveil a bigger and significantly different version of the tablet. Although, there is room to make the Surface Pro 4 thinner and lighter.

The Surface Pro 4 is likely to be priced at $799 for the based model up to $1799 for the high-end model.

It’s still early to tell when exactly Microsoft plans to release the Surface Pro 4, but a number of reports have confirmed that the company is planning to hold a huge hardware launch event in October, more than likely to occur in New York. However, keep also in mind that often times takes about one or two months from unveiling to actually being able to purchase a new device.

One thing is for sure, the Surface Pro 3 launched back in June 2014, and the current version is over a year old, which indicates that we’re close to a hardware refresh. Intel has recently introduced its new Skylake line of chips, which is a perfect timing for Microsoft to upgrade the processor on its Surface Pro 4.

Source Business Insider

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