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Microsoft offers Surface Pro 4 replacement to fix screen flickering issue

Microsoft opens a program to offer Surface Pro 4 replacements and refund for customers experiencing screen flickering.

The Surface Pro 4 was originally launched back in 2015, and since then, there has been a large number of complaints about screen flickering. Although not every device was affected, it’s been an inconvenience as it was an issue that couldn’t be fixed through software update, and many customers had to spend a lot of money on repairs because the problem appears once their device were no longer covered under warranty.

However, Microsoft is now stepping up, and it’s unveiling a program (via Neowin) that offers to replace those Surface Pro 4 devices with screen flickering problem for the last three years. Furthermore, if you’ve paid money for repairs because your device was no longer covered under warranty, the company will issue a refund.

According to Microsoft, once you have installed all the latest Surface and Windows 10 updates, and the screen flickering problem persists, then you can send your Surface Pro 4 back to the company to receive an exchange (refurbished) unit.

If you’ve been impacted by this problem, you can refer to this Microsoft support page.